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Depending on your account permissions on the communication server you are able to create your own messaging groups called MyGroups. MyGroups allow to exchange broadcast messages and files within other users on the IM network. They work similar to regular user groups that created and assigned on the IM server but unlike server groups MyGroup can be deleted by it's owner at any time.

To create a new MyGroup switch to the My Contacts tab in the main window, select one or multiple recipients from your contacts by pressing and holding Ctrl key and then right-click on the list. In the popup menu select "Create MyGroup..." item.

Selecting recipients on creating MyGroup

Select existing MyGroups or assigned messaing groups from the contacts to use existing users list as a template for creating the new MyGroup. If several groups are selected then all their users will be marked for inclusion into the new MyGroup.

Creating new MyGroup

Type MyGroup name wihin it's optional discription and review selected users to add them into the group. Then click Create button to create MyGroup on the server. Once MyGroup is created it will be displayed in messenger clients of all users that are assigned to it. MyGroups persits in the messengers on the next startups until they are deleted.

MyGroups can be deleted only by their owners (creators). In order to delete MyGroup right-click on it in the Contact List on My Contacts tab in the main window and select "Remove MyGroup" item from popup menu.