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File Transfer settings

File Transfer options allow you to exchange files and directories with other users on the IM network. The ability to send and receive files and documents is configured and managed on the communication server.

To open the options dialog box click  Options button on the toolbar or use Ctrl+O hotkey.

You can configure and choose a directory where you want to save received files and folders. Click ... button to select a folder.

By default, Bopup Messenger stores all received transfers in your current "My Documents\Bopup Messenger". It is also possible to configure the messenger to create new sub-folders in that directory each time when files and documents are received from users and the IM server. In that case you need to check one or both options below.

  • "Reception date" — Create new sub-folder in the YYYY-mm-dd format where the YYYY-mm-dd is a date of transfer.
  • "Sender's name" — Create new sub-folder that contains a sender's name.

Click Open receiving folder... button to browse the default directory with received files and documents.