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Create and modify IM account

You need to have your own account on IM server to be able to communicate with other users, receive messages and files. Your IM account has the same name as your Windows Login ID, or can be any other name, e-mail address (depends on a server configuration).

Communication server supports various types to authenticate and allow you to enter to the IM network. Administrator can choose on the server one from the following authentication modes: Simple, Windows Authentication or Private login/password.

When the Windows Authentication mode is enabled the observer uses your current Windows Login ID by default as your current IM account name to authenticate on the communication server. If Windows Authentication fails or Private login/password mode is enabled on the communication server, then Login to the IM network pane is shown in the main window of the messenger to allow to enter your own IM account name and your password.

You can login to the IM network outside a domain network even the Windows Authentication mode is enabled on the server. For successful authentication you must enter your Windows Login ID including your domain name, i.e in the DOMAIN\account format. The observer automatically resolves and delivers specified domain name on the server that gives you ability to authenticate to the communication server using Windows Authentication outside a domain LAN, for example, from a home computer or other locations.

Use the "Remember me on this computer" checkbox on the Login to the IM network pane to allow the observer remember entered login ID and password. Bopup Observer automatically passes saved IM account name and password on messenger startup, so you need only to click Login button to establish a connection with the IM server in the next time.

Sign up to the IM network

Create IM account

In the Windows Authentication mode the messenger automatically shows balloon tooltip in the system area on startup and starts the Create My Account Wizard when your IM account is not found on the server.

To create your own IM account on the server in the Private login/password authentication mode you should enter desired IM account name and type any password and press Login button. The messenger will display an error that your IM account is invalid and enable/disable New... button. If the server security settings allow users to create their own IM accounts from the instant messaging clients, then you will be able to create your own account by pressing New... button.

You can run the wizard manually from the "Tools\My account..." menu.

Welcome page of the wizard

Click Next to continue.

Enter your first and last name

On the following page you should enter your first and last names, and short account description. These fields are not required so you may leave them empty.

When the E-mail mode authentication enabled on the server you have to also enter your email address to use it as your IM account name. Entered e-mail will override your Windows logon ID that is used by the messenger by default to connect to the communication server.

Click Next to specify your contact details, department and title within your organization. These fields are also optional so you may leave them empty. Then click Next to finish and save your account details on IM server.

Modify IM account

You can change your IM account at any time from the "Tools\My account..." menu. Due to options enabled on IM server, some account fields may be unavailable to change. Administrator manages a list of account fileds that can be modified by users from IM clients, so other fileds will be displayed as "read-only" items in the messenger and cannot be modified.

You can change/set up your password that will be used to logon to the IM server (only in the Private login/password authentication mode). Click the Password tab to do this.

Change your password

Type your current password that you are using to login to the IM server, then enter your new password and retype it again to confirm. Note that your new password should be at least 4 symbols length. Then press Change password button. If you successfully have changed your password you will see appropriate message box.