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Installation and starting

Bopup Observer comes with a multilingual setup package that supports English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian languages. Setup language depends on system's default language that is configured for non-unicode applications but it can be overridden if MSI setup file is run from a command line interface. If the system language does not match any language supported and included to the setup package then English localization is used by default for installation and messenger interfaces.

To install Bopup Messenger:

  1. Launch observer.msi setup file.
  2. Follow all instructions in the Setup Wizard.
  3. After installation you can launch Bopup Observer from "Start Menu -> Programs -> Bopup Observer" folder.

Using a command line interface to switch a language

In cases when system default language is different from a language that must be installed for Bopup Observer or when previously installed localization of the application must be overwritten using a new language during version upgrade then MSI setup file can be launched from a command line using msiexec.exe tool by passing ProductLanguage parameter with an appropriate language code. To use and install one from the supported languages define the parameter according to one from the values below.


Example shows installation of Bopup Observer with Italian localization by passing parameter from a command line interface:

msiexec /i observer.msi ProductLanguage=1040