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Messaging Groups. Overview

Messaging Groups constitute the primary part of Bopup Communication Server that allows you to design and organize user groups, manage and give users sending/receive-only permissions. You can create as many groups as you need, users receive groups they are assigned to and they are visible in IM clients to allow users to send messages and files to the group.

Groups can be public and non-public. Public groups are available to assigned users/administrators and are shown in the messengers, and users are able to send messages to public groups according their permissions. Non-public groups are not available to users and are not visible in the IM clients, they are designed to internal purposes on the communication server, for example to create News Messages and File Distribution tasks.

It is possible to manage the accessibility options of each public Messaging Group and permit non-assigned users to send messages and files to the group. You can also assign users to groups dynamically by a range of IP addresses.

For example, you need to permit your manager from the "Sales" department to send common (group) messages and files to others within that department. You may create a Messaging Group, add users from that department to the group, manage and grant a sending permission to the manager. Other users will be able only to receive messages and files sent to that group.

Select the Messaging Groups item in the tree to switch to the Messaging Groups view. You can also switch to your Messaging Groups view from the Welcome Page, just click the View groups link.

Messaging Groups list

The result list displays the group name, its description, offline delivery and accessibility options, the number of currently assigned users and IP range if the group has option to assign users dynamically by IP addresses. Select and double-click a messaging group to switch to the Messaging Group profile page.