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Options. Contact List settings

The Contact Lists tab of the Options dialog box contains settings that affect to displaying user structure in Contact Lists of the IM client software.

To open the Options dialog box click the  button on the toolbar or select the "Tools\Options..." item from the main menu or use the Ctrl+O hotkey.

Contact List settings

  • "Plain Contact List" — Choose this option in order to show users in a plain list and to do not show a tree of Organizational Units with location of each user account.

  • "Structured Contact List" — Select this value to show users in Contact List with Organizational Units structure that is available on the communciation server.

  • "Displayed OUs are collapsed by default" — This option shows collapsed Organizational Units in the contacts. User will have to click on each OU in the list to expand it and see it's users. This option is applied only if the "Structured Contact List" mode is chosen.

  • "Hide Organizational Units that are not available to users" — Select this checkbox if you want to do not show Organizational Units in user's contacts that are not available to him. The availability is managed via user's Organizational Unit permissions.

  • "Prevent users from changing their Contact Lists" — This option disables the ability to organize and change user's Contact List in the messaging client.

  • "Automatically rebuild users' Contact Lists from a list of available users when some accounts have been added, moved or deleted on the server" — Select this option to let the server automatically rebuild Contact List for each user when any changes occur in the users structure, such as creating new users, moving users from one Organizational Unit to another, disabling/enabling/deleting user accounts, changing OU's permissions. In that case users' Contact Lists are generated by the server from a list of contacts that are available to each user according his Organizational Unit's settings.

Use the Rebuild Contact Lists button to manually rebuild Contact Lists for all users on the server. It may take some time depending on a number of user accounts. The contacts will be built up from a list of users that are avalable to each user according his Organizational Unit's settings.

By default, this option is turned off and users should manually create their own Contact Lists from the IM clients. And the server only notifies them if any changes are detected in the users list and does not rebuild contacts.

Please note that it is possible to change and tune Contact List for each user personally from it's property dialog. Thus would allow to build custom buddy lists for users when changing them from IM clients is not permitted through the server options.

If the "Lock Contact List" option is checked in the user's property dialog then his contacts will be kept unchanged when users' Contact Lists are rebuilt in automated mode by the communication server or built manually by pressing the Rebuild Contact Lists button.