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User Management. Presence status

The Management Console shows the real-time presence status of each user connected to the IM server. To view who is currently connected and online go to the Presence Status view under the User Management section in the tree. You can also switch to this view from the Welcome Page, see the View who is currently connected link.

View the real-time status of connected users

The following details are available for each connected user in the list:

  • Account — User Account name
  • User name — Full user name
  • IM client — Messaging client and its version
  • IP address — IP address of the client computer
  • Host name — DNS name/computer name of the client device
  • StatusAway message if available, otherwise shows the Online caption
  • Session established — Date/time values when the session was established
  • Session ID — Unique number (GUID) that identifies the user's session
  • Authentication — Current authentication method of the user, if it is different from a common Authentication Mode enabled on the communication server

Click the button on the toolbar to refresh the list of currently connected users. Double-click a user account to open the Account profile page.

You can disconnect currently connected users from the communication server. Right-click on selected user(s) in the list, choose "Disconnect..." item from the pop-up menu and confirm the message box. The messaging clients that have been disconnected from the server will automatically try to establish a connection with the IM server every 1 minute.